Things you can do to treat dry or chesty cough naturally


Cough is always irritating and can often linger for weeks or months if you don’t recognize the infection on time and get a suitable treatment. Lozenges manufacturers have taken a good initiative for the readers across the world by intending this post. They will share the best natural ways to shot down the infection that causes you dry, tricky, or chesty cough without putting any adverse impact.

Before coming to the remedies, you need to understand what type of cough do you have. Different cough types have different causes. So, you need to figure out the sort of cough you are suffering from to find the best suitable remedy.

Dry coughs and tickly coughs are the result of irritation or dryness at the back of the throat. You can try anything that soothe your throat to get relief. There are other reasons as well that cause dry cough – allergies, dust, smoke, and asthma.

Chesty cough is the result of excess mucus. You need a remedy that will loosen, reduce or thin this mucus to get relief. These types of cough often caused by colds, flu, and other infections.

If you know your type of cough, read this article further.

1. Honey and Lemon

While honey is antibacterial, lemon is loaded with vitamin C that kills infection. This remedy is traditionally used to relieve a sore throat and you can try it if you have dry, tickly coughs. This thick, sticky honey lemon blend soothes your throat and creates a protective layer behind.

2.Essential oils

Diluted essential oils can be used for treating chesty cough. You can use tea tree and eucalyptus oil and rub them onto the chest to get relief from your blocked nose and chesty cough.

3. Mullein

Mullein is the herb having soothing properties and is used to ease sore throat and inflammation since ancient time. You can get this herb from the market and prepare herbal tea. Mullein adds a protective layer over the throat that gives you instant relief from cough.

4. Pine

Your Christmas tree is just not having a sole purpose, i.e. you can use pine plant for treating coughs other than decorating it for the occasion. Pine needles are loaded with vitamin C. You can prepare pine needle tea at home by gently crushing the needles and adding boiling water to them. It’s a perfect treat for a chilly day!

These are some uncommon and useful ways to treat your dry, itchy, or chesty coughs at home. Throat lozenges manufacturers care for you and thus, they have intended this post to help you with irritating throat if you cannot get lozenges instantly.