Can Confectionery Products be Harmful for Pregnant Women?


It is common for pregnant women to crave for sweets. However, confectionary manufacturers in India suggest eating sweet foods in moderation never harm the health of to be mother and baby in the womb. Excess of sugar may lead to weight gain and interfere with your ability to eat a balanced diet. To provide nutrition to your body and baby inside your womb, you have to limit the intake of sweet things. You can consume one or two servings of sweet every day.

What causes weight gain?

There are sweet items like cookies, pastries, cakes, puddings, and desserts that are high in fat and calories can lead to unnecessary weight gain. Even soft drinks and sweetened cereals are high in sugar and loaded with extra calories. Although it is important to gain some weight in pregnancy, but excess of weight gain can result in backaches and dental issues. This can also bring complications like gestational diabetes and blood pressure problems.

Artificial sweeteners

Some sweets like baked goods, frozen desserts, pudding, gelatin, and soft drinks have artificial sweeteners that often bring the food’s calorie count down. Limited calories may cut down the risk of extra weight gain, but not all artificial sweeteners are safe during pregnancy.

The artificial sweetener saccharin can cross the placenta and is harmful in pregnancy. Other sweeteners like aspartame can be safe if taken in moderation. You can always speak to your doctor if you are unsure about which food is bad during pregnancy.

Get the balanced diet

If you frequently take too much of sweets over healthy foods, you and your unborn baby may not get important nutrients. This will result in poor growth and development for your baby in the womb and you will feel fatigue most of the time.

It is always better to avoid more desserts and soft drinks and pick protein rich and nutrition packed diet instead.

You can eat grains, green leafy vegetables to obtain folate, vitamin B and other necessary nutrients without taking supplements. You can ask your doctor to provide you a balanced diet chart that you can follow.

If you crave for sweets, you can try foods that can satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you adverse effects. You can count on flavored frozen yogurt treat or frozen fruit pops. You can even eat sweet fruits like bananas with some peanut butter to add extra protein to your snack.

“Taking confectionary products in moderation during pregnancy will not harm mother to-be and her baby inside the womb,” confectionery manufacturers in India ended their report with the statement.