Things you can do to treat dry or chesty cough naturally


Cough is always irritating and can often linger for weeks or months if you don’t recognize the infection on time and get a suitable treatment. Lozenges manufacturers have taken a good initiative for the readers across the world by intending this post. They will share the best natural ways to shot down the infection that causes you dry, tricky, or chesty cough without putting any adverse impact.

Before coming to the remedies, you need to understand what type of cough do you have. Different cough types have different causes. So, you need to figure out the sort of cough you are suffering from to find the best suitable remedy.

Dry coughs and tickly coughs are the result of irritation or dryness at the back of the throat. You can try anything that soothe your throat to get relief. There are other reasons as well that cause dry cough – allergies, dust, smoke, and asthma.

Chesty cough is the result of excess mucus. You need a remedy that will loosen, reduce or thin this mucus to get relief. These types of cough often caused by colds, flu, and other infections.

If you know your type of cough, read this article further.

1. Honey and Lemon

While honey is antibacterial, lemon is loaded with vitamin C that kills infection. This remedy is traditionally used to relieve a sore throat and you can try it if you have dry, tickly coughs. This thick, sticky honey lemon blend soothes your throat and creates a protective layer behind.

2.Essential oils

Diluted essential oils can be used for treating chesty cough. You can use tea tree and eucalyptus oil and rub them onto the chest to get relief from your blocked nose and chesty cough.

3. Mullein

Mullein is the herb having soothing properties and is used to ease sore throat and inflammation since ancient time. You can get this herb from the market and prepare herbal tea. Mullein adds a protective layer over the throat that gives you instant relief from cough.

4. Pine

Your Christmas tree is just not having a sole purpose, i.e. you can use pine plant for treating coughs other than decorating it for the occasion. Pine needles are loaded with vitamin C. You can prepare pine needle tea at home by gently crushing the needles and adding boiling water to them. It’s a perfect treat for a chilly day!

These are some uncommon and useful ways to treat your dry, itchy, or chesty coughs at home. Throat lozenges manufacturers care for you and thus, they have intended this post to help you with irritating throat if you cannot get lozenges instantly.


Can Confectionery Products be Harmful for Pregnant Women?


It is common for pregnant women to crave for sweets. However, confectionary manufacturers in India suggest eating sweet foods in moderation never harm the health of to be mother and baby in the womb. Excess of sugar may lead to weight gain and interfere with your ability to eat a balanced diet. To provide nutrition to your body and baby inside your womb, you have to limit the intake of sweet things. You can consume one or two servings of sweet every day.

What causes weight gain?

There are sweet items like cookies, pastries, cakes, puddings, and desserts that are high in fat and calories can lead to unnecessary weight gain. Even soft drinks and sweetened cereals are high in sugar and loaded with extra calories. Although it is important to gain some weight in pregnancy, but excess of weight gain can result in backaches and dental issues. This can also bring complications like gestational diabetes and blood pressure problems.

Artificial sweeteners

Some sweets like baked goods, frozen desserts, pudding, gelatin, and soft drinks have artificial sweeteners that often bring the food’s calorie count down. Limited calories may cut down the risk of extra weight gain, but not all artificial sweeteners are safe during pregnancy.

The artificial sweetener saccharin can cross the placenta and is harmful in pregnancy. Other sweeteners like aspartame can be safe if taken in moderation. You can always speak to your doctor if you are unsure about which food is bad during pregnancy.

Get the balanced diet

If you frequently take too much of sweets over healthy foods, you and your unborn baby may not get important nutrients. This will result in poor growth and development for your baby in the womb and you will feel fatigue most of the time.

It is always better to avoid more desserts and soft drinks and pick protein rich and nutrition packed diet instead.

You can eat grains, green leafy vegetables to obtain folate, vitamin B and other necessary nutrients without taking supplements. You can ask your doctor to provide you a balanced diet chart that you can follow.

If you crave for sweets, you can try foods that can satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you adverse effects. You can count on flavored frozen yogurt treat or frozen fruit pops. You can even eat sweet fruits like bananas with some peanut butter to add extra protein to your snack.

“Taking confectionary products in moderation during pregnancy will not harm mother to-be and her baby inside the womb,” confectionery manufacturers in India ended their report with the statement.

Lozenges sooth your sore throat only!


Lozenges manufacturers in India never say that their products can kill infection.

You can bring distinct flavored lozenges from the store or shop to sooth your sore throat. But infection in throat is a different thing and lozenges manufacturers in India never suggest people to have lozenges when their throat is infected. Soreness in throat is treatable with simple remedies. You can eat honey and ginger paste twice a day for natural remedy.

Sore throat is very common and there is no such real cause for concern. The soreness is a hassle that makes swallowing and talking difficult for a person.

People use distinct remedies as per their convenience. Some of them use natural remedies, while others who have no time or in hurry consume lozenges.

Manufacturers of lozenges are providing a variety of flavors in lozenges- ginger and honey, to name a few.

They believe that a sore throat is a symptom of a mild cold, which is caused by a viral infection. However, they never suggest people to consume lozenges in case of serious infection. Lozenges surely treat sore throat, but if the infection is high, it is better to have a right drug to kill the virus.

How lozenges do their job?

You can buy lozenges without a prescription. You can put the lozenge in your mouth and suck it. This will lubricate your throat lining and sooth irritation in the throat. Never chew the lozenge because its ingredients get activated when you suck them.

Lozenge stimulates the salivary glands and more saliva is produced, which is later mixed with the ingredients to coat the lining of the throat. This lowers the inflammation, pain, dryness, and itchiness of the throat.

The lozenges contain local anesthetics that help ease the soreness by numbing the throat. General ingredients used by manufacturers in lozenges are-

  • Antibacterial – Antibacterial targets the bacteria responsible for the soreness in the throat. Some of the lozenges are able to kill bacteria that may be present in the throat.
  • Anesthetics – Lignociane hydrochloride and benzocaine are common anesthetics.
  • Menthol
  • Eucalyptus

In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consuming lozenges. A sore throat usually resolves by itself within three to four days. If sore throat remains for more days and if the symptoms get worse, then do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

For more info on lozenges, you can contact lozenges manufacturers in India.

Problem for confectionery exporters India is the challenging obesity

Confectionary exporters India

Food experts and parents are concern about obesity problem faced by the children today. Many confectionery exporters India have received applications from the government in which the authorities have been asked to reduce sugar by at least 20% in all the products by 2020. Government has demanded a 5% reduction of sugar in confectionery products in year one.

Obesity and overweight issues are not cosmetic problem. These conditions greatly put your children at risk of other health problems. Some of the health risks are as under-

  • Coronary heart disease

When your body mass index increases, the risk of coronary heart disease also increases. It is a condition in which a waxy thing known as plaque builds up inside the coronary arteries. These arteries are responsible for supplying oxygen-rich blood to the heart.

Plaque formation makes the transferring of blood difficult and reduces the blood flow to the heart muscle. This can result in angina (chest pain) or heart attack.

Obesity can also result in heart failure. This is a serious condition in which you heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body requirements.

  • High blood pressure

Blood pressure is the blood force pushing against the arteries walls as the heart pumps blood. If the blood pressure increases and stays high for longer time, it can harm the human body and damage many parts.

  • Stroke

Obesity and overweight problem can result in plaque buildup in the arteries. This could create clots in the blood. If the clot is close to the brain, it can block the blood and oxygen flow to your brain and result in stroke.

  • Type 2 diabetes

In diabetes, blood glucose or blood sugar level is higher. A normal human body breaks down food into glucose and then carries the glucose to the cells via body. This glucose is turned into energy with the help of a hormone called insulin. Diabetes can lead premature death, stroke, kidney disease, and blindness.

Due to all these health risks, parents are now conscious about their children. They have even set a limitation for them to consume sweets and chocolates. Confectionary exporters India are now getting more aware of the issues and are making changes to their recipes to provide healthy confectionary products to the kids and adults. For more info, you can browse articles online and find other health risks related to confectionary products.

Resveratrol Lozenges from leading exporters in India



Resveratrol Lozenges are available in variety of forms and most common type is pills or capsules. This is easy to consume supplements to gain vitamins or nutrients. Resveratrol powder is generally purchased in bulk from Lozenges exporters in India. You just have to simply encapsulate it with proper labeling.

The best part is that only little or no research is required to prepare these types of products. At the same time, you have to invest heavily at delivery end as well as manufacturing costs for the product are also high. This is true that cheaper does not always mean better.

Quality Resveratrol pills or capsule are quickly ingested by the body and makes your digestive system even improved.

When it is swallowed, it goes through gastrointestinal track and broke down into small pieces like any other food item. When it passes through liver then it increases your metabolism rate and finally excreted through urine system.

The little amount of Resveratrol powder can also be found in blood plasma and it can be consumed quickly once it is taken by your body.

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It works effectively with digestive tract and assures amazing results when consumed regularly. It can be quickly eliminated through body system to overcome metabolic effects and good buccal delivery.

About Buccal Delivery:

Buccal delivery problem occurs when drugs are inhaled and not properly consumed by body tissues. Here, lozenges work amazingly and delivering high level of nutrients to circulatory system. Most of the drug Companies focus on buccal delivery system and delivery method once drug has been process properly.

TO know more technical details on buccal delivery, this is always good to discuss with lozenges exporters in India. They will let you know drugs are absorbed and used by the body. They also work to improve metabolism rate and great bioavailability in blood plasma.